Amy Garbin

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There is nothing quite like childhood. It’s a time to be free, to always be your authentic self, and to discover your world and everything in it. To have the opportunity to encourage each of these things on a daily basis is truly a privilege, and it’s one I do with pride each day.
Growing up, I had some truly amazing educators. These fantastic people simultaneously made me feel brave, safe, and heard every day I went to school. I was inspired then and am inspired now to pass on the same kindness, love, and passion-for-life that I received from each of them. I now understand the true joy and excitement an educator feels when witnessing a child do something they are truly and genuinely proud of.
There are so many important lessons we can learn from children. Everything doesn’t have to be so serious, and it’s okay to sometimes slow down and laugh at yourself. Discover new interests and try things that might seem scary. Let your imagination wander on occasion and dream big. Being in the company of children each day gives me the constant reminder that the world is a wondrous place, and with amazing kids like these, the future looks bright.