Elisa Phelps, Secretary

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I grew up in a household that valued and encouraged volunteer service. My father served on non-profit boards for over 25 years. My mother raised funds for causes such as Easter Seals and was one of the founders of a program that assisted newly arrived immigrants from Asia and Latin America in learning English.

Once I reached sufficient age that my efforts could truly be helpful, I too incorporated volunteer service into my regular activities. From helping with summer youth programs in my teen years,  to providing respite care for people with AIDS, to serving on professional organization and neighborhood association boards, volunteer service has been an integral part of my life.  On moving to Denver I volunteered for Project Angelheart and delivered weekly meals to clients for close to 10  years. Changes in the delivery schedule affected my ability to participate and after taking a break, I’d been looking for another service opportunity.

What better cause to serve than the education of young children! In the interim period between finishing graduate school and securing my a full time professional job in my chosen field of museums, I had the opportunity to work as an aide in a pre-school. The experience impressed on me the importance of early childhood education and the special mix of leadership, faculty, facilities, and vision that must be present to insure successful operation and exceptional learning experiences for the young students. When asked if I would consider serving on the Paddington Station board, my response was an enthusiastic yes. Joining the board represented a new opportunity for service to a special institution working in an important field that I deeply value and appreciate. That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.