PPA Leadership

Use the following address to send an e-mail to a PPA Officer: ppa@paddingtonstation.org

PPA President – Lauren Coyne
lauren coyne

  • Determines and implements the goals, events, and activities for the school year with input from Head of School and other PPA Officers.
  • Presides over all PPA meetings.
  • Serves as an ex-officio of all PPA sub-committees.
  • Exercises general supervision and leadership over all PPA affairs and events.
  • Serves as co-chair of the Nominating Committee.
  • Supports and attends the various school functions.
  • Serves as the communications liaison between PPA and Head of School.
  • Serves as communications liaison with the Director of Advancement for content in the PPA section of Paddington’s ALL ABOARD! weekly e-mail update.

PPA Secretary – Emily Charlesworth
emily charlesworth

  • Attends all monthly PPA Meetings.
  • Takes minutes and attendance at each meeting.
  • Updates ‘PPA Minutes’ Google doc and sends minutes to the Director of Advancement.
  • Keeps an up-to-date roster of all officers.
  • Attends any necessary trainings.
  • Maintains Bylaws and notifies members of PPA meetings.

PPA Treasurer – Sarah Conroy
sarah conroy

  • Maintains an accurate record of all PPA funds.
  • Keeps an accurate record of receipts and expenditures.
  • Works with the PPA President, Head of School and Business Manager to create an annual budget for the PPA.
  • Presents the budget to the PPA Officers for approval .
  • Provides the approved budget to the Paddington Business Office.
  • Obtains/monitors monthly income statements and balance sheets.

PPA Fundraising Coordinator – Jemma Neary

  • Maintains the TerraCycling program.
  • Oversees the Original Works fundraiser.
  • Plans and schedules other fundraising events for the year with input from the PPA President and Head of School.
  • Recruits event Co-Chairs.
  • Oversees event implementation.

PPA Room Parent Coordinator – OPEN

  • Works directly with room parents to support teachers and families.
  • Facilitates communication between the PPA, room parents and families.
  • Holds classroom room parents accountable for carrying out their jobs.

PPA Community Outreach Coordinator– Hanni Keyser
hanni keyser

  • Works directly with Room Parent Coordinator to help facilitate community building events in the classrooms.
  • Helps with efforts to welcome new parents.
  • Oversees the annual project associated with the School’s community outreach theme of Families Helping Families.

Class Room Parents

  • Act as liaisons between the parents and the PPA about events happening in the school.
  • Organize refreshments for Classroom Clean-up.
  • Occasionally e-mail the class when volunteers are needed or to share information about school events.
  • Decide with the teacher which holidays will be celebrated and help plan parties accordingly.
  • Work closely with the classroom teacher and act as a ‘voice’ to the families in the class.
  • Attend all monthly PPA Meetings.