Grace Gaglione

I will be teaching Creative Explorations this year! I great up in Grand Junction Colorado and have a deep love for western Colorado. I received my B.A. in liberal studies from Loyola Marymount University and was a caregiver at the LMU children’s center. This is where I discovered my love for early childhood (especially infants and toddlers). After I graduated from LMU I entered in the Boulder Journey Teacher Education program. During this ear I received my early childhood teaching license and Masters in Education and Human Development from UC Denver. Since then, I have taught infants up to three year olds and have never stopped learning! When I am not in the classroom I enjoy yoga, spending time with my family and taking weekend trips to visit friends!


When I was in college I was part of a service organization. This organization was centered around service, social justice and building community. During my time in the organization and in college, I became passionate about A LOT of different topics, and at time if felt overwhelming. I began to realize how many issues the world had, and that I most likely wouldn’t be able to solve any of them. However, through my education I was able to see a common connection between all major issues; young children. If we can create schools and learning environments that validate, support and challenge children, we can slowly tackle all of these daunting issues that we face as a world.

As a teacher I know that it is my responsibility to provide environments and experiences that help nurture each child’s innate abilities and passions. I see my role less as a teacher of knowledge and more as a teammate, a co-creator of learning and a fellow problem solver to all of the wonderful families at Paddington Station. I am so excited to be part of this community and to get to know all of you!