Jennifer Harr

I have been a nurse for 23 years and a school health nurse for the past 8 years.  I always have had a passion for working with kids of all ages and backgrounds. I have five children myself with my husband of 26 years. The ages of my kids range from 10 to 24. My youngest son is adopted from Ethiopia. We were able to travel as a family 10 years ago to pick up this amazing gift and then volunteer as a family at the orphanage for several weeks. He has been an amazing blessing ever since! That event changed all of our lives and now my girls are passionate about adoption as well. My home is not as full as it was a few years ago.  I only have three kiddos living at home still due to college/careers but around the holidays we all get the opportunity to live back under the same roof again. It makes me even more excited for the holidays! Personally  I enjoy yoga, tennis, walking and this year I have started to attempt fourteeners with my daughter Breanna. We have completed two so far and it has been an amazing feeling to accomplish them. My daughter is studying for her nutrition boards (RD) so she studies while waiting for me to catch up to her on the trail. Needless to say she gets a lot of studying time while waiting for me as I am pretty slow getting to the summit!


I have the pleasure of being Paddington’s nurse. As a nurse I do what I do because I have a passion for helping others be their personal best. I feel that all children have a right to live to their fullest potential without being held back by any physical or mental disabilities. I also am passionate about keeping our students and staff as healthy as possible by encouraging behaviors and habits that will protect our community. Working together on these health goals will decrease the chances of anyone getting sick. I love to see students singing their ABC’s while washing their hands or children playing outside getting fresh air/exercise. Simple steps we all take daily can ensure we all live to our healthiest potentials. Health and happiness go hand in hand.