Mary Hanks

Mary began her teaching path long ago on her summers in college as a camp counselor. She learned her passion for education through wilderness education at Camp Mantio-Wish YMCA in northern Wisconsin. After that she joined AmeriCorps, then got her secondary teaching license in English and ESL and strangely ended up teaching for 5 years at Preschool of the Arts, a Reggio inspired preschool in Madison, WI. Her and her husband were married in Costa Rica, traveled Central America, and decided to move to Colorado in 2015. Mary began nannying when she moved to Colorado and was pained by how much she missed the classroom. In 2017 she began a Master’s program through Boulder Journey School to obtain an endorsement in ECE and a Masters in Human Learning and Development. She had a magical year teaching at Boulder Journey School, highlighted by a trip to Reggio Emilia in Italy to learn about the Reggio teaching philosophy. Mary is excited to join the Appley Dappley classroom this year!


I do what I do because it brings me the most joy. I told my mom recently that I always seem to make great friends in every school environment I work in. She said “that’s how you know you’re doing what you love, when you love the people who work around you.” The people who work in the same field as me are people who have the same values as me. I value quality early child hood education for all children. I even wrote my thesis about it! I value children and believe they have a right to a quality education. They have a right to be seen and heard. I do what I do to help children find their place in this world. To help them learn about all this big world can offer them and that if they can dream it, they can become it. I do what I do because I believe I can help the people in our world see how much they can learn from our youngest citizens. I do what I do to help children find their place in the world. We do what we do because if we didn’t, who would be our children’s first teachers?