Molly Chambers

Molly joined the Paddington community in 2018. She grew up in Colorado Springs and is a native of Colorado. After getting an undergraduate degree from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Molly began teaching kindergarten in her hometown. After meeting her husband Luke, she moved to Denver and continued her education career and completed a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Phoenix. After several years of teaching, Molly became a mom and has been dedicated to staying in the home to raise her daughter Mari, and two sons, Brady and Breck. Molly teaches in the Samuel Whiskers classroom with Ms. Linda.


I have a love for learning and creating new things. I love exploring by doing, especially through art. I have a love of research and history, and I enjoy going to museums and new places. I enjoy researching and learning about a historical building and will Google the name of a small town, while driving across country, to learn about the town’s source of income. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and making a mess in the yard, or my home. I can embrace change and be flexible or compromise in situations. I have a love for physical activity and believe in the importance of movement and exercise. I have a love for the outdoors, playing outside, in the mountains, in water and on the beach. I have a love for my children and all children I interact with and want to be a role model, to inspire and help them find their path and love for learning. I want to help children develop an understanding of living life to the fullest, through an open mind and exploration and creativity. I want to help them develop their love of learning. That is why I am a teacher, and Why I Do What I Do.