Meredith Smith: Communications Manager

Meredith joined Paddington in 2018. She has lived in Denver since 2014 with her husband and two kids. Meredith enjoys traveling to new places and exploring Colorado with her family.

With her Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communications-Advertising from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she has worked in all things communications – from adverting, to newspapers, to email marketing. She is passionate about play-based education and is thrilled to connect with and share stories about our dynamic community.


As a teacher’s kid, I grew up in a school environment. Each summer my mom would take me to her classroom to “help” get ready for the upcoming school year (she might debate how much help I actually provided). There was always laminating to be done, desks to prepare and bulletin boards to decorate. During that time, I always planned for my future classroom and how it would look. Fast forward to college and I ended up majoring in Journalism. I have worked at newspapers and large tech companies, always focusing on advertising and mass communications. When the opportunity to join Paddington Station presented itself I had to jump at the chance. Although I ended up in a field outside of education, I am excited to be back in a school environment where I pictured myself all along.