Lauren Meis

Lauren earned her B.A. in child, adult and family services from Iowa State University in 2015 and shortly after moved to Denver. She joined the Paddington Station team as a Boettcher Teacher Residency Intern in 2017 working closely with her mentor. This year she is elated to join the Peter Rabbit Kindergarten classroom. She identifies with the importance of the play-based model and the focus on creativity as well as social-emotional development in the early years. She is so happy to be a part of such a wonderful school





I believe each child is a unique individual possessing both strengths and areas to grow, and my job as a teacher is to identify, guide, and celebrate all of these pieces in each learner I come into contact with. Connecting with students is why I do what I do.

A classroom community is as unique as its students, so the more opportunities I can provide to strengthen those connections between community members, the stronger we all will be. I believe children learn by doing. Students should be given chances to question, build, explore, succeed, break, grow, create, fail, reflect and critique, as often as possible. I believe childhood should be celebrated, not rushed. Play, choice, and ample outdoor time are some of the most natural ways I can imagine childhood being celebrated, and some of the most amazing teacher moments I’ve ever had were seen through these lenses.

I believe learning is something a person can be in love with no matter what their age is, or what the topic is. Learning should be engaging, exciting, fascinating, and relevant. Students should play an active role in their learning and should see themselves as leaders in whatever it is they’re exploring that day: scientists, mathematicians, readers, writers, builders, artists.

School should be a bright, fun, and positive place to enter each and every day. I believe a strong, cohesive and consistent teaching team is an unbelievably valuable tool. What better way to show students how to interact with their peers than by modeling those interactions every day with your teaching team? I think a sense of humor and managing stress in healthy ways affect the dynamic of any team, classroom, or school. Positive and healthy adult relationships are one of the most important examples we can set as teachers.

I do what I do because teaching is my opportunity to make the world a better place. I am so grateful to have found such a meaningful and impactful career in such a positive and joyful environment.