Lupe de Martinez Quijada: Maintenance Team

Lupe has lived in Colorado since 1996 and joined the Paddington team in 2016. She has three grown children and is a grandma of four! Lupe loves music and loves to dance!




Growing up, I never really had toys or got to play.  I watched others get to play but I had to start working when I was very young to make money for my family.  I have worked one, two or three jobs ever since.  When I started at Paddington Station, I really needed the work.  But soon, I realized that working at Paddington also gave me great joy.  The school is filled with amazing toys, books and supplies and the children that come to Paddington are beautiful.  The toys and children remind me that I need to stop and play.  I even collect toys now.  I do what I do so I can enjoy my life.