Meet Our Teachers

Paddington Station Preschool is proud to have some of the finest preschool teachers in the state of Colorado. We strive to attract and retain exceptional early childhood teachers. Our teachers are degreed and licensed in Early Childhood Education. Over 50% of our faculty members have completed the Stanley Teacher Prep Program (now called the Boettcher Teacher Residency Program) and were interns at Paddington Station. Among the teaching faculty members at Paddington Station Preschool, one has an AA degree, nine have a Bachelor’s degree (BA, BS, or BFA) ten hold a Master’s degree and we have two PhDs on staff. Teachers at Paddington Station create classroom communities that invite active participation, discovery and exploration. Our teachers know each individual child in their care. They also know, understand and appreciate child development. Click on the names below to learn more about each member of our teaching team:

Anne Mairs

Ashley Garbin

Barbara Cotton

Caitlin Webb

Carlita Brinnich

Jennie Siebert

Jessica Tribe

Kate Tiger

Kelly Woodward: Librarian

Lauren Meis: BTR Intern

Leslie Ricketson

Linda Brown

Maggie Cherubini

Marti Freeman

Megan Simmons

Melani Dawson-Lear

Molly Keeley

Nea McKeehan

Ranae Rutherford

Sarah Pritzlaff

Savanna Lightfoot

Sheila Olson

Sophie Wilcomb

Wendy Barclay: Science Teacher


Kay Casperson


Karyn Carter