Caitlin Webb

Caitlin joined the Paddington team in 2017 after teaching early childhood education for four years in other schools. Caitlin holds a BFA in Integrated Design from Parsons in New York City. Prior to her formal teaching experience, Caitlin spent roughly 7,000 hours over the last nine years designing and implementing hands-on creative education with youth in Denver, Argentina, New York and Los Angeles. As a Colorado native, Caitlin can be found happily seeking mountainside sunsets with friends and family.





Looking back on all that I have learned, I realize that I was in my early childhood when I started to notice through the actions of my first teachers really what it meant to be a good person. As a five-year-old, I was taken by the magic of my teachers – how intently they listened, how they always showed up and brought the best of themselves to each situation regardless of what it was.

Determined to one day be half as remarkable as they were, I started to hone the skills needed to become my “‘own best good person.” I do what I do today because I get to come to work each day and support my class as they successfully learn the very skills I learned in my first years of school: how to recognize emotions, communicate, listen to the voices of others, work together to find a solution to a problem, ask for or give help, advocate for yourself, compromise, share and have empathy.

I always suspected that I might become a teacher one day, although I did not formally start on my career path until sometime later. After graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York, I moved to LA where I worked as the 2D Designer for a Design and Build collective. Despite having been a creative person in the design world for decades, my desire to positively impact the lives of children has always been with me. Spanning from high school to years after college, I spent roughly 7,000 hours over nine years designing and implementing hands-on creative education with youth in Denver, Argentina, New York and Los Angeles, ­from top art schools to orphanages to public school systems.

I do what I do as a teacher because I can utilize all of the creativity and collaboration I called upon as a designer, while helping to develop the cognitive, social-emotional and oral language skills that are paramount to the success of students as both children and learners. The joy I feel in seeing the big smiles of my students as they become believers in the power of being their “own best good person” is beyond measure.

I am so thankful to be able to full-heartedly stand behind what I do, while loving what I do, every single day.