Jennie Siebert

jennie_webJennie began working at Paddington in the summer of 2011 after moving to Denver from New Jersey. She teaches in the Puddleduck classroom this year at Paddington. Jennie completed the Stanley British Primary Intern program and holds a Masters degree in Educational Psychology with a focus in Early Literacy. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, going for long hikes in the mountains, and curling up with a good book!






Each morning when I open the classroom door, the children enter into a world of wonder, curiosity, and imagination. Playdough becomes the most delicious cupcake you have ever tasted. Paper plates, construction paper, and colorful tape become the most magical wands capable of turning you into a unicorn. Jewels and gems become the currency of our preschool class as children play restaurant in the dramatic play area.

The excitement of finding a ladybug on a warm winter day is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and writing your name for the first time is like winning the Super Bowl. Dance parties happen on a regular basis and being silly with friends erupts the biggest laugher at lunchtime. There is a chance for learning in each and every one of these moments. While I may have intentions set behind activities during the day, the best is when the children take the learning in a new and creative direction I could never imagine. My goal is to make children feel empowered to create their own learning and feel supported to explore their ideas each and every day.

Being a part a child learning to zip their coat for the first time or open a string cheese at snack time (both of which are a huge win in the preschool classroom!) and then watching as they use this skill to help teach their friends is magical. When a child is sad or falls down and scrapes a knee, it’s wonderful to see empathy at work as friends rush to get the child’s favorite comfort item and then give them a big hug. The endless adventures of learning we go on to uncover the mysteries of our big world leads to amazing discovery, lots of great questions, and a love of learning.

So why do I do what I do? It’s simple: because I am lucky enough to be a part of these everyday magical moments with your children. Seeing the world through their eyes reminds me to stop and appreciate the small things in life and allows me to play like a kid again!