Jessica Tribe

After graduating from CU Boulder, Jessica lived in both Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington while her husband was in school. While living in Portland, she received her Master’s in Early Childhood and Elementary education at Lewis and Clark College. After eight years in the northwest, Jessica and her husband were eager to return to the sun and snow of Colorado and moved to Denver in 2010. She taught preschool at Larks Preschool in Washington Park before having her first child in 2011. Jessica is passionate about literacy and social-emotional education, and she is ecstatic to be part of the Paddington Station community, teaching in the Benjamin Bunny classroom.



For me, teaching at Paddington is so much more than creating exciting art projects or fun songs to sing (although I do love turning everything I teach into a song).

For me, this job is about building a foundation of self-confidence, and teaching children how to believe in themselves and encourage those around them. Kindness and respect are paramount in my classroom for I believe they are the foundations of a healthy society. Giving children the words to express themselves and their needs is one of the most important jobs there is, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of that process.

Moreover, I cherish being the person who can comfort a reluctant child clinging to their parents on the first day of school. School can be a daunting place the first few times a child is dropped off, but to be the person who helps turn that intimidation and fear into excitement and curiosity is an honor I hold dear to my heart. There is hardly anything more satisfying to me than to watch a child who was previously tearful and scared at drop off run into the classroom, barely giving his or her caregiver a wave goodbye.

Teaching preschool is far from easy, but I believe that helping these children on their journey to becoming kind and independent individuals who understand the importance of caring for each other and our surroundings is a worthwhile and highly satisfying endeavor.