Kay Casperson

kay_webKay Casperson is a Colorado native. Her degree is in English/creative writing, and theater. She is also a certified botanical illustrator. Kay had a long and successful career in theater before becoming a teacher of theater and art, adapting and directing plays for young students, and encouraging creative play and love of the arts for four decades. Kay chaired the fine arts department at St. Anne’s Episcopal School where, for 23 years, she taught theater and directed productions. Kay became a member of the Paddington team in the spring of 2011 as a substitute teacher and then joined the enrichment and aftercare program teaching teams in 2013. She is excited to continue working with this outstanding staff and their eager students.


I was a child a very long time ago. I do remember fondly that by the age of two and a half I belonged to a ‘gang’. This gang was a mix of ages that lived in the adjoining blocks on Mountain Ave and was a substantial part of my early education. I learned to balance on the handlebars of the older kid’s bike.  I mastered the tire swing in our vacant lot.  I learned to listen to my friends and be a team player.  I was included in the club that met in the old chicken coop under the plum trees. When I started kindergarten I’d spent most of my life so far, outside playing with ‘the gang’. That early time developed confidence, physical, strength and balance. I learned patience, kindness, and the importance of helping others. Many years and life paths have past since I was a gang member. I’ve been teaching much of that time. I’d been retired for a year when my friend Rama invited me to Paddington Station for Special Friends Day. I was willingly convinced to begin subbing the following week. I presently coordinate and teach in after care and feel very fortunate to spend time with these amazing youngsters. Afternoon tea is its own special gang of mixed ages.  I love them for their determination, bravery, curiosity, and joy. I do what I do because of these exceptional children. I do what I do because I can’t imagine anything as rewarding and magical.