Maggie Cherubini


Maggie has been a part of the Paddington Station Community since 2001, first as a parent and then, beginning in 2004, as a teacher. She earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from Denison University and a Masters in Early Childhood Education from National-Louis University in Chicago. Prior to teaching preschool at Paddington Station, Maggie spent nine years teaching kindergarten through second grade in and around Chicago. When not teaching, Maggie enjoys spending time traveling, playing tennis and skiing with her husband and two daughters. Maggie is teaching in the Squirrel Nutkin classroom this year!


When I began to ponder the question, “Why do I teach?” I found that it was difficult for me to succinctly answer this question. I have been a part of the education community, specifically the early childhood community, for more than 25 years. Over the years I have continued to discover and identify many answers to the question, “Why do
I teach?”

Even as a child, the magic of play, the joy of discovery and the power of personal relationships was inspiring to me. I recognized that school was a place that was dynamic and special. As early as third grade, I began to volunteer in the classrooms of younger students. In high school, I had the opportunity to take my first child development class, become a teaching assistant in an elementary school French class and work in a kindergarten classroom. These opportunities began to shape my philosophy of education and solidified my passion for the education of young children. I discovered that play is the way that children learn to make sense of the world. I love to facilitate varied and exciting play experiences for children as they learn to explore the world.

Since becoming a lead teacher I have always believed the most important job of an early childhood teacher is to create a learning environment where young children feel safe, nurtured, honored and respected. Early childhood classrooms are where most children have their first experiences with school and it is crucial that these experiences inform and set a child’s understanding and love for learning. Children who love school are motivated to learn and take risks. If I can be one of the teachers that helps a child find their passion for learning then I feel that I have done my job.