Meet Our Board of Trustees

The Paddington Board of Trustees is comprised of volunteers who bring a broad diversity of talents, experience and expertise to their positions. This group of dedicated volunteers is responsible for the financial management and overall performance and sustainability of Paddington. The members of the Board of Trustees meet monthly, attend workshops and training sessions throughout the year and are dedicated to the mission, growth and sustainability of Paddington.

Andrew Prouse, President

Brian Thygesen

David Teplinsky

Elinor (Ellie) Katz

Elisa Phelps, Secretary

Emily Charlesworth

Georgi Contiguglia

Lisa Grant

Jeff Burnside

Kevin Delaney, Finance Chair

Marisa Carson, Vice Chair

Meghan Berglind

Rosemary Yakely

Ex Officio:
Deb Deverell


Faculty Representative:
Sheila Olson