Georgi Contiguglia

georgi_webGeorgianna Contiguglia (Georgi) served as President and CEO of History Colorado (formerly the Colorado Historical Society) from 1997 to 2007 when she retired from this position. As President and CEO she oversaw the operations and programs of History Colorado’s twelve museums statewide, the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, and the State Historical Fund, the state’s preservation grants program. She also served as Colorado’s State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO), a gubernatorial appointment, from 1998 to 2008. Prior to being appointed President and SHPO, she was Curator of Decorative and Fine Arts at History Colorado from 1980 to 1997. She has served on the Board of the American Alliance of Museums and the Mountain Plains Museums Association. Since her retirement from History Colorado, she has taught Art History in the state’s community college system and at the Academy for Lifelong Learning. She currently serves on the State Capitol Building Advisory Committee and is a member of Colorado’s State and National Historic Preservation Review Boards and the Boards of Directors of The Academy for Lifelong Learning and Historic Denver, Inc.

I like things that are old and things that are new!  Paddington Station, therefore, is an excellent match for my interests and expertise. Our students are exploring daily new ideas and experiencing new friends, new activities, new sights, sounds, and textures. Every day is a new adventure for them and their talented teachers, and we Board Members get to be a part of their adventure.

Paddington Station also offers something old – a beautiful, historic building designed by John J. Huddart in the Romanesque-Revival style and built in 1891.  It has a storied history as the home of the first public kindergarten program in Denver, as home to the Montclair School and Stanley British Primary School.  Having served as CEO of History Colorado and as the State’s Historic Preservation Officer for a decade before I retired, I take special interest in ensuring that historic structures carry on as productive elements of the state’s historic resources.  As a member of Paddington’s Facility Committee, my responsibility is to help our stately building to serve the needs of a modern, forward-looking preschool, while retaining the defining architectural features that distinguish the structure and keep it worthy of its historic designation and listing as a Denver Landmark and on the Colorado State Register and National Register of Historic Places.

New educational playgrounds, enhancement of security, air conditioning, and plumbing are some of the things that keep Old Paddington serving efficiently as the home of New Paddington’s lively and excited new schoolers.  And those are some of the things that keep me renewed and interested in Paddington Station every day.